If you know the type of real estate document you need, we can draft all conveyance documents for a low fixed fee. Recording is available for an additional fee.

We offer a convenient flat fee for a variety of conveyance documents such as General Warranty Deeds, Assignments or Releases. This product is designed for clients who know precisely what they need and why. Additional time and cost is required to discuss the situation and appropriateness of the legal document. Contact us for specific costs to record documents in the proper county.

We offer a low cost flat fee to prepare deeds and other recorded documents in the proper county. Please see our fee schedule below:

Earnest Money Contracts:

Special provisions addendum modifying TREC contract (buyer or seller): $400

Seller’s “as is” addendum modifying TREC contract: $400


Warranty Deed – simple or cash: $425.

Warranty Deed – Transfer on Death Deed (TODD): $450

Warranty Deed – Transfer of Homestead into Living or Land Trust: $450

Warranty Deed – Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure (unilateral DIL): $475 for home values up to $500,000; $550 $501,000 to 1M; $675 over 1M

Warranty Deed – containing agreement to create JTWROS: $495

Warranty Deed – with community property partition language: $475

Warranty Deed – assumption provisions plus special power of attorney: $550

Warranty Deed – where grantee is traditional LLC, series LLC, or other entity: $325 (reduced to $295 for three or more at the same time)

Warranty Deed – Deed without Warranties - $425

Warranty Deed – Divorce (Special Warranty Deed): $550. Add deed of trust to secure assumption for a total of $525. Contact us for divorce representation.

Deeds of Trust:

Residential Deed of Trust: $450 (add $100 if our firm is named as trustee)

Residential Deed of Trust to secure assumption: $350 (add $100 if our firm is named as trustee)


Assignment of Promissory Note and Lien: $495

Assignment of Lease: $450 custom

Assignment of Option: $450 custom


Release of Promissory Note and Lien: $450

Release of Lis Pendens: $395

Release of Judgment Lien: $395


Affidavit of Heirship: Contact Us

Affidavit of Adverse Possession: Contact Us

Affidavit – Misc. Minor Affidavits (e.g., homestead, marital status, etc.): $395

Powers of Attorney:

Special Power of Attorney (limited to single asset): $325 excluding filing

General Power of Attorney (all assets): $300

Foreclosures and Evictions:

see dedicated section


Partition agreements dividing community property: $750

Notice of lis pendens: $425 (presumes a valid lawsuit on file)

Boundary agreement: $675 (simple) to $975 (more complex)

This package includes:

  • Drafted document only
  • Recording is available for additional fee