Have an attorney answer your questions and start leasing your property. We provide all the documents to be compliant with Texas statute or can review and advise best practices to hire a property manager.

Everything you need to turn your Single Family Residence into a cash flowing investment asset. This package provides you with an updated, compliant Texas Residential Lease, various addendums for pets/service animals, parking, storage, compliance with local city registration, inspection and more. We provide an initial questionnaire which helps share your goals and concerns as an investor. Then you have a 30 minute phone consultation with a licensed Texas attorney who is also an investor. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and ensure that the forms you select reflect what you intend.

Upon purchasing this package, we stand behind our relationships and provide ongoing support for tenant notice letters, evictions or any other legal matters which may arise during your term of ownership.

This package includes:

  • 30 minutes of attorney time
  • Texas Residential Lease
  • Available Addendums
  • Best Practices for tenant screening, rent collection, insurance, common infractions
  • Local city registration