If your business requires an office, our firm can save you money, whether you lease or buy.

  • Commercial real estate document review (office or industrial)
    Understanding a triple net (NNN) lease is crucial to preserving your capital and to avoid being taken advantage of by the landlord. We help you save time and money by preparing a Letter of Intent (LOI) first. This flat fee document outlines the terms and ensures that the lease negotiations will result in a signed lease.
    A commercial lease agreement is a complicated document and outlines numerous rights and responsibilities of the Tenant. If a personal guaranty is required, hiring an experienced commercial real estate attorney to review the terms can help protect your personal assets in the event of a default.

  • Real Estate purchase options for commercial business tenants
    If you’re tired of wasting thousands of dollars on rent, consider buying your building and building equity each year. It is important to understand the key risks when purchasing a commercial real estate building and we can help minimize these when building your legal documents.

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Casey Gregersen

Ron helped me structure our development business, LLC formation for each property real estate deal

Jay Bhaumik

Ron helped me with my employee agreements and has become a trusted advisor to my businesses. His guidance has allowed me to reach a new level of confidence knowing I have a lawyer who

Over 3,000 clients served

Ron has helped developers raise foreign investment funds through the EB5 program and represented foreign investors from China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and India.

Over $1 billion of real estate transactions

Ron has conducted acquisitions of commercial real estate, new construction development, and all areas of asset management for shopping centers, retail strip malls, restaurants, office buildings, industrial and warehouse assets.

Ron has helped thousands of investors on BiggerPockets where he a leading expert on real estate investing.

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